"I had been developing a party game on and off for nine years and not making much progress on my own. I don't think I would have made as much progress without [Roxanne's] stellar work. If you are stuck, you can't find a better coach to keep you positive and accountable." - Erica Ginsberg


Roxanne Jarrett

"It was apparent that Roxanne's repertoire would make it possible for her to do a nice variety of our favorite music. We received many positive comments from our friends and family. All were very pleased by the house concert that Roxanne provided and many were pleasantly surprised to learn that such talent was among us so near by. I would not only recommend Roxanne but also invite her to perform at a similar event again." - Tom Klaus

“Roxanne has a deep understanding of what is required to motivate and inspire creative individuals and groups. She breaks down the tasks into achievable chunks and boosts creative confidence and productivity. I would strongly encourage anyone to work with Roxanne-- I recommend her services whole-heartedly and without reservation." - Bayard Catron

"Roxanne developed an engaging program for the teens based on her expertise and my suggestions. After interacting with our youth on the first day however, she quickly adapted a custom course to fully engage the campers, based on their interests and aptitude. Her activities kept them on their toes, and got them both moving and thinking! I would enthusiastically recommend her services, as her positive energy is infectious!" Mona Eldadah, Founder & Director, Camp Ramadan

"Roxanne has brought Creativity Works! to my organization twice, and the response was overwhelming enthusiastic. Roxanne is excellent at guiding people through activities and helping them to realize their artistic abilities, even if they have no experience with creative mediums. If you're looking to have fun and develop deeper connections with friends or even people you don't know, take her course. You will not be disappointed." - Miriam Yarmolinsky, Executive Director, Peer Wellness & Recovery Services

"Roxanne was great. She was really supportive, very organized and prepared for all our sessions. She really had great ideas for helping [me] move along." - Sonya Starnes


"Between work and home life, I could never find the time or motivation to do the things I love...working on creative projects. Roxanne helped me break down my project into manageable goals-- and gave me deadlines to force me off my butt! Sometimes creative types need that little push...and even if not, having someone to help manage their time and goals lets them focus on what's important-- their creativity." - Will Jipson