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"You are boundlessly creative, and born to shine."






Hi, I’m Roxanne and I wanna see you shine.  I've overcome adversity and a negative self-image by delving into art discplines-- producing work that amazed and nourished me to the core.  I maintain my self-esteem by pursuing ventures that arouse wonder, joy and triumph.  

I believe that everyone is creative.  In fact, we are crafting and improvising every day.  We don't have scripts memorized yet we speak and respond in each moment.  When cooking a stew, we run out of thyme-- so we use sage.

I also believe that valuing yourself is imperative if you want to thrive.

My mission is to help you build and maintain your feelings of self-value through creative accomplishments.  For me, producing results is an artistic act-- whether it's cooking, singing, or inventing a solution to a nagging problem.  Consistent creativity can be a powerful affirmation of your own unique contributions to the world; evidence of your self-worth.

Creativity is within you. 

If you have the will to go toward it,

I’ll help you get the tools to move through it.

After all,

you were born to shine.




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