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The Connect & Create Story
Course Description


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"Roxanne is excellent at guiding people through activities and helping them to realize their artistic abilities, even if they have no experience with creative mediums." - M. Yarmolinsky, Executive Director, Peer Wellness and Recovery Services

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"I would enthusiastically recommend Roxanne's services, as her positive energy is infectious!" - M. Eldadah, Founder & Director, Camp Ramadan


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Connect & Create a class?


Connect & Create is a 4-part series of small group sessions that last for approximately 90 minutes. It's suggested that you block out 2 hours for each session. 

Where do Connect & Create sessions take place?

Connect & Create sessions are available via Zoom virtual meeting room at this time.

What materials do I need for my sessions?

You will need a book or journal, preferably, or at least several sheets of paper and a pen or pencil. You may also need a few commonly-found household items for some projects. Roxanne will inform you in advance if required.

Is Connect & Create therapy?

No. Connect & Create is a guided session series designed to
inspire your creativity build your confidence, and form meaningful connections. Roxanne
is a Certified Professional Coach and Arts Educator, not a

Is Connect & Create only for artists?


Certainly not! Writing and visual art mediums are used as tools to tap into your imagination during sessions. Connect & Create is appropriate for anyone who'd like to use art forms, breathwork, and authentic connection exercises for self-development. No advanced experience of any kind is necessary-- though creatives of all levels benefit from Connect & Create.

How do I join a class?


Simply choose a 4-week session above and click the Book Now link above to secure your place.  Please make sure to download the Zoom app to your phone or desktop prior to your session. 

What if I attend a session and don't think it's for me?

If, after the first session, you don’t feel like Connect & Create is for you, cancel the remaining sessions for a refund of the balance.

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