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End of Decade 

products by Roxanne & Sofie Jarrett


You deserve to be pampered with the richest ingredients, blended with tender care and loving intentions. Your very own 16-ounce glass jar contains a heaping half-pound of pure, raw, unrefined shea butter from Ghana.  Coconut and grapeseed oils play supporting roles in this high-performing concoction.  The shea butter's earthy aroma is blessed with luxurious helpings of lime, jasmine, white tea and gardenia essential oils, adding sparkle and sensuousness to your heavenly whip.  Luxuriate your self-care sessions in the year to come.  A small amount goes a long way to seal in moisture after cleansing or to soothe dry skin or eczema.  Featuring original artwork by Sofie with a personalized hand-written message of inspiration.   


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Ingredients: Unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, organic jasmine, white tea, gardenia and lime essential oils

Highest Grade Shea Body Butter